The Clinic Is Now Open For Urgent Appointments and Key Workers

The Clinic Is Now Open For Urgent Appointments and Key Workers

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As the restrictions on the lock-down are starting to lift, Burnham Podiatry Clinic shall be opening up for appointments. This will be based on screening questions to ascertain your health risk and your Podiatry need.

Unfortunately, all other routine, and non urgent appointments Cannot be prioritised at this time.
With the exception of key workers who require ANY treatment to assist in the prevention of pain so that they can continue to work throughout this period.


If you or your household have ANY symptoms please cancel immediately. There won’t be a charge as long as you do let me know beforehand.

Advice on attending your Podiatry appointment.

Appointment Price ChangeCovid Surcharge

There will be a surcharge per appointment of £8 Due to an increase in costs of PPE and the high grade medical cleaning products we use, has been inevitable. This is not a permanent charge and as suppliers charges reduce back to normal, this will be also be reduced.

To give you an example of why this surcharge is necessary – the cost of the aprons alone has increased 5 fold.
The cleaning products have increased 5 fold.

The FFP2/FFP3 masks that I now wear are costing between £5.00 – £12.50 per item due to the lack of supply. This is the grade of mask I must wear to be compliant with new government guidelines. Gloves, Mask and aprons have to be changed after every client.

What to expect?

At Burnham Podiatry Clinic, we have always adhered to strict cleaning protocols and safe practice in accordance with College of Podiatry (COP) and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and WHO guidelines. With the government document on Covid 19, the guidelines set by them state we are to increase the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) so we can reduce the risks of transmission.

You will notice a few changes when you attend your next appointment.

What You Will Need To Do During Your Visit.

I will be screening all patients when they book as there is strict criteria to justify the appointment. If you DO NOT have any pain or any underlying medical conditions you will NOT be able to book at this time

KEY WORKERS: If you are a key-worker you will not need to meet this criteria. As the work you are doing is essential in protecting and helping us all, we need you to be able to do this without any foot problems.

Masks: You will be required to wear a mask. This can be either one of your own (homemade is accepted) or you can purchase one at the clinic for £1.

Visors: For your additional safety and peace of mind, you can wear a visor. These are available for purchase from the clinic on the day for £10. This is yours to keep and take with you for future visits or anywhere else you feel you want to, as it is re-usable. 

Payments: If you prefer you can pay by contactless card payment or by bank transfer. Cheques and cash are still accepted but please have the cheque written beforehand and correct amount of cash (as handling change is to be avoided)


If you or your household have ANY symptoms please cancel immediately. There won’t be a charge as long as you do let me know beforehand.

Changes In The Clinic Room Layout.

Clinic: The clinic room has had a change around, this is to allow you to enter and leave the room quickly and to reduce any cross over between us as we move around the room.

PPE: I will be wearing the usual medical grade gloves and apron but in addition I will have a mask and goggles on.

Additional Safety: I am in the process of having a acrylic screen fitted for additional safety and which will eradicate the need for the visor. As with most things, it has been delayed due to logistical problems caused by Covid 19 and it’s impact on businesses.

Hand Sanitiser: This will be provided for your use as you ENTER and again when you LEAVE the room. You’re encouraged to use this.

What are we doing to protect us all?

I’m pleased to say that a lot of the current guidelines on best practice for reducing risk are in line with how we already operate at Burnham Podiatry.

Wearing gloves and aprons, using cleaning products on couches, floor and door handles, changing the paper towels for you to stand on the floor, has always been standard practice at Burnham Podiatry Clinic.

In addition, as previously explained, I will be wearing an FFP2 mask and goggles. I will also require all patients to wear a mask, either of their own or purchased from me at a cost of £1. You can wear any type of mask, it doesn’t need to be medical grade, it can in fact be a homemade mask, so have a Google, there are lots of great ideas out there!

Air filtration. At Burnham Podiatry there is already a HEPA air filtration unit that runs 24/7 and has done for 2 years. This changes the air in the treatment room every 6 minutes and has been proven to filter bacteria and viruses (covid19 is too new to have been tested)

The cleaning products used are already of the highest standard. I have now upgraded the skin cleaning products to Clinisept plus which is a hypochlorite solution that works on viruses bacteria and fungus, destroying them in 15 seconds of contact. The steriliser and ultrasonic cleaner already used are of the highest standard to ensure the instruments are sterile.

This criteria is set by government, HSE and COP guidelines and will be subject to review.

Lastly, I hope this information helps answer any concerns you may have about appointments, forthcoming treatments etc. and how Burnham Podiatry Clinic are taking every precaution possible, to protect you and your families from Covid-19.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Wishes and Stay Safe,


Burnham Podiatry Clinic.

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