Sukhi Sindher – Owner

Sukhi Sindher – Owner


A member of the College of Podiatry, the U.K. Recognised governing body for Podiatrists (formerly the society of chiropodists and podiatrists SOCAP) and the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Graduated from University college London in 1999 having completed a BSc honours in Podiatrist medicine at the London Foot Hospital. Certified in the use of local analgesia and in issuing prescription only medicines (POMs) as appropriate to the field of Podiatry.

LFH and UCL offered the most in depth Podiatry course in Europe with the first two years dedicated to the basis of medicine part 1 and 2 curriculum of UCLs medical school.

My first job as a podiatrist was with the NHS during which time I specialised in surgery (under local analgesia).  I then moved within the NHS to work for East Berkshire where I specialised in Diabetes and was the lead podiatrist for Diabetic foot education and wound care, working within a specialist multidisciplinary team of Endocrinoligists Vascular Surgeons Specialist nurses and dietitians.  This centre was the bridge between community (primary) diabetes care and secondary (hospital in patient) care, working towards lowering the incidence of lower limb amputation and educating newly diagnosed diabetic patients.

During my ten years of NHS work I also ran my private practise business.  My first practise was opened in 2001 and based in Burnham high street above Collett Jones Pharmacy (Latterly Boots).  I relocated to my current purpose built clinic in 2007 and have continued to work solely in private practise from 2009 to present

I attend regular professional courses, seminars and the annual Podiatry conference, enabling me to carry out up to date, forward thinking treatments with a good evidence base