Do only athlete’s get Athlete’s Foot?

Do only athletes get Athletes Foot    Athletes foot is more common than people realise, most have suffered without actually knowing about it, however some cases will not go away and  require treatment. Do I have Athletes Foot? Athlete’s foot is a skin fungal infection. Commonly, it can be itchy, cracked,[…]

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Surgery under local anaesthesia

What are Corns & Callus?

Hard Skin, we all experience this at some point but what exactly causes it and how should we prevent it? It is no surprise that as your feet take the entire weight of your body, they are placed under extreme pressure. Just walking or standing, our body weight is carried first[…]

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Diabetes And How It Affects Your Feet.  

What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that develops from high blood glucose levels which can cause damage to the nerve systems in your body by stopping important messages getting to and from your brain.  This nerve damage is called Neuropathy.  High blood glucose levels can also damage your blood[…]

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